Friday, January 28, 2011

356. Waste

So much of this week was a waste of time. I spent hours on the phone reporting the theft of my purse and belongings. Today was a two hour trip to the DMV. New technology promised to make the long lines at the government office a thing of the past, but it didn't seem to deliver. First, I tried to make an appointment to get a duplicative license. The first available appointment was for mid March. With no other choice I looked up the wait times for each DMV office on their website and with a published time of 22 minutes I headed over to wait this morning. It took 36 minutes just to get in the door. Once off the side walk it was another 90 minutes to finish my deed. Insane. During the whole experience I could only think how easy it could be. It's a duplicate license... Couldn't I just file online? My home address is already on file. If they want proof I (as opposed to someone else) ordered the document a kiosk that reads my thumb print would work. So much of the paper at the DMV (and the paper pushers that work there) is unnecessary.

I guess in this bad economy we are trying not to lay more people off but this system needed an overhaul.

Oh yeah it will take two months before my new license arrives.

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