Tuesday, January 25, 2011

353. Out of Steam

I am out of steam for many reasons. In my dreams I saw the final days of this blog as the best, the peak of all my posts. But honestly I haven't been into it for the past couple weeks. I just want the project to be over. To say that I did it - I posted for every day for one year straight.

Tonight I needed a photograph of Katie for a middle school application. I ended up scanning my hard drive for over an hour. I realized that the reason I started this blog was to start giving myself permission to take time for myself, for my photography. The insanity of posting everyday started by accident - some misguided compulsion. What I realized tonight by looking at thousand of photographs was that I did take some really good images in the past year. This blog should have been capped at 200 days... that is when my steam started to cool and my images started to pale.


  1. I'm only on day #26 and it definitely has been stretching me to be creative or to find things in my life to share about!


  2. I disagree with you about the cap. I love every day of this blog, every gripe. I love this photo. Though my favorite is a few more up. I'll comment further there. xo, Julie.


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